GM Science Review - Comments on First Report

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Name: Graham White Location (optional): Date: 22 July 2003
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1. I fail to understand why so far anyone investigating GM foods has found 'no evidence'. If you seek out topics of this on the internet you will see many examples of problems with GM foodstuffs - people in America (of all places) reporting illnesses after GM beans, Monarch butterflies killed by feeding on GM plants, herbicide resistant weeds in Canada etc., etc.. These are FACTS but don't seem to have been acknowledged.

2. Testing has not been carried out in controlled environments - planting crops in an open field is not what even scientists would call controlled.

3. What is the reason for GM food anyway? - it is not to feed the third world as we could do this today with governments co-operation. Poor countries cannot afford to buy expensive seed every year (most GM seed crops are sterile) and they currently save seed from year to year. The real reason it to patent and therefore recoup millions of pounds, so far wasted on unneccessary and irrelevant research by Gm companies like Monsanto.

4 Why is America trying to force people to take on its GM products? Threats of tradesanctions etc. Why is America not labelling GM products? If America wants to grow GM stuff fair enough but don't push it here!

5. Inform the people and LABEL products. Let them make the choice.

6. If in future generations there are found to be problems which governments will face compensation claims! Even the chairman of the Royal Society seems to have forgotten Thalidomide when he says no harm reported to people. Thalidomide affected the next generation not the current one!!!

Additionally, all investigations are possibly as equally flawed as scientists carrying out the testing - they apparently 'forgot' that bees carry pollen up to 6 miles or worse that the wind can pollinate over hundreds, thousands of miles - unless tightly controlled and ALL evidence and potential evidence is investigated, together with the reasons behind the whole science of GM.

Talk about Ostriches burying their heads in the sand!