GM Science Review - Comments on First Report

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Name: Tony Nichells Location (optional): Date: 27 August 2003
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Dear Sir/Madam,

The methods by which alien DNA is inserted into the genome of a plant appears to indicate that our knowledge of how DNA actually functions is very limited. It is clear from the methods adopted to insert alien genes into plants that:

1). There is no indication where in a plant's genome the inserted gene will end up.

2). No clear understanding of how the characteristics of the original plant will be compromised and with what consequences.

3). The genetic constructs inserted into a plant's genome have never existed before and no-one can know the outcome of such experiments.

GM technology is crude and unnecessary. It is likely to do more damage to our soil - and healthy soil is the starting point for healthy food and healthy people.

There are much better alternatives to GM technology, such as organic agriculture, and the Science Review should have considered organic methods.

GM technology exists because it is a bit like mountaineering. Geneticists have discovered they can do it and therefore decide they want to do it. But, unlike mountaineering, it doesn't make it worthwhile or desirable.

In the end GM technology will pollute all life and for what - the short term profits of a few multi-national corporations.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Nichells